“Oh Hae Young Again” Reveals Packed Filming Schedule And What They’ve Got Planned

Starting next week, the drama “Oh Hae Young Again” will be filming for seven days straight.

A representative for the drama said, “Until now, we’ve been taking Mondays off and filming from Tuesday to Sunday. But starting next week, we’re filming for seven consecutive days. We will be filming scenes for multiple episodes.”

oh hae young again

The representative also revealed that the major events have been planned for all 16 episodes. In addition, the scripts have been completed up until Episode 10. Although all the important lines and events have been planned, the production staff adapt the details in order to fit the audiences’ response.

Eric Seo Hyun Jin

“The viewers seem to enjoy Eric and Seo Hyun Jin’s story, so we’re trying hard to build their romance,” they said. “We also still have to address Park Do Kyung [Eric]’s family history and reveal the secrets behind Han Tae Jin [Lee Jae Yoon].”

As for Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) and Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk)’s romance, they said, “The two actors are also careful not to reveal anything about the couple beforehand.”

“Oh Hae Young Again” has been consistently beating its own viewership record, raising questions about possible extensions or incentives for the cast. “We’ve been asking the actors but nothing has been decided yet,” the representative concluded.

You can watch the latest episode of the drama, about a man who can see the possible futures between two women with the same name, below:

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