Girl’s Day’s Minah Transforms Into A Beautiful Bride For “Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim”

“Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim” has released stills of Girl’s Day’s Minah in a wedding dress!

In the photos, Minah has a bright smile while actor On Joo Wan is by her side. The two look like a lovely newlywed couple, but this is actually all Gong Shim’s imagination.

Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim 2

In the drama, Gong Shim (Minah) is touched my Suk Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan’s) polite manners. First, he catches the elevator for her and greets her warmly. He even compliments her hairstyle. So, Gong Shim falls for him and ends up imagining that she gets married to him.

Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim 3

An affiliate of the drama explains, “Gong Shim has fallen for Joon Soo’s polite manners and compliments. Her heart flutters for the first time and makes her imagine cute things like this. Although this is all in her head, the weather during the filming was great and the atmosphere was pure and full of love like an actual wedding. We were able to film well thanks to Minah and On Joo Wan’s amazing chemistry.”

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