Watch: TWICE Shows Off Cute, Hilarious Charms And Lively Performance On “Immortal Song 2”

Girl group TWICE makes their first appearance on the May 21 episode of KBS2’s “Immortal Song 2.” The group was well received by fellow participants and viewers through their adorable tricks and lively performance. This week, musical contestants covered songs by Jo Kyung Soo and Ham Joong Ah.

TWICE chose to cover Jo Kyung Soo’s “YMCA,” showing off their strong vocals, rapping skills, and high energy dance moves. Watching the girl group’s performance automatically put smiles on the faces of spectators.


The group is also asked to show off their tricks or talents while they are interviewed in the waiting room. Member Sana makes the room laugh with her impression of jumping sounds from the “Super Mario” games. Chaeyoung imitates the sound of cleaning a window, while Tzuyu shows off her abilities to turn her arm 360 degrees, bend backwards into a bridge, and move her ears without using her hands.

twice immortal song

Watch TWICE’s performance and hilariousness below!

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