Comedian Yoo Sang Moo has recently been accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met three days earlier through Instagram. He tried to alleviate the situation by calling this victim (“Victim B” hereafter), his “girlfriend.” However, his real girlfriend (“Victim A” hereafter), has spoken up and shared her conversations on a mobile messenger service between her and Yoo Sang Moo. Victim A states, “I do not want to see anymore victims like me.”

With a shaking voice, Victim A stated that she was shocked, disappointed in herself, and felt wronged. “I am [Yoo Sang Moo’s] girlfriend. When he was at that meeting [when the sexual assault] occurred, he seems to have been with another woman. I feel stupid for falling for his act.”

Unable to continue speaking, Victim A showed over 200 pages worth of affection-filled messages, that she and Yoo Sang Moo sent each other. Yoo Sang Moo was a sweet boyfriend, at least until May 17 (The sexual assault of Victim B allegedly took place on May 18).

Messages from May 17, 2016

Victim A: What are you doing? (8:35 p.m.)

Yoo Sang Moo: Recording for “Comedy Big League”

Victim A: Are you done? (10:43 p.m.)

Yoo Sang Moo: Ah~~ now we’re in meetings T.T

Victim A: At this time? (11:17 p.m.)

Yoo Sang Moo: TT TT

According to Gangnam police, Yoo Sang Moo invited Victim B to the May 17 recording of tvN “Comedy Big League.” After the recording, Yoo Sang Moo, Victim B, and Yoo Sang Moo’s colleagues went out for drinks.

They drank until around 2:30 a.m. (May 18), and Yoo Sang Moo asked Victim B to “Please stay next to me until I fall asleep” and took her to a nearby motel where the alleged sexual assault took place.

The last message Yoo Sang Moo sent to his girlfriend, Victim A, was at 11:17 p.m. It is apparent that he met with Victim B after making excuses to Victim A saying that he was in meetings.

However, Yoo Sang Moo had continuously expressed his affection for his girlfriend, Victim A, until May 15.

Messages From May 15, 2016

Yoo Sang Moo: I miss you. (9:52 p.m.)

Victim A: Have you been drinking?

Yoo Sang Moo: Honey, I love you.

Yoo Sang Moo: Honey, I miss you.

Victim A: Huh? You’re drunk.

Yoo Sang Moo: I love you.

Victim A: Me too.

Victim A and Yoo Sang Moo were planning to meet that weekend. Yoo Sang Moo repetitiously expressed that he loved and missed his girlfriend and Victim A had no reason to suspect otherwise.

“Even on the morning of May 17, he sent me messages saying that he loved me and missed me. How could I suspect someone like that? After seeing the news on May 18 I was in utter shock, “ stated Victim A. On May 18 Yoo Sang Moo was engulfed in the sexual assault allegations and he has tried to alleviate the situation by stating, “it was something that happened between my girlfriend and I after having drinks.”

Messages From May 18, 2016 

Victim A: What is going on? Are you okay?

Yoo Sang Moo: I’m sorry. Something bad happened. I will call you once things are settled.

Victim A: I think we need to talk.

Yoo Sang Moo: TT TT I’m sorry

Victim A: I think I understand what’s going on. I feel as though I have the right to say this. I’ve said this before: if you play with someone’s heart, you will never be forgiven. I feel stupid for smiling and accepting all of your acting while you enjoyed the situation. I really wish you would take the time to truly reflect on yourself, and not just about how you got caught. How can I trust anyone ever again?

Yoo Sang Moo: …

Coincidentally, Yoo Sang Moo and Victim A also first met each other through direct messaging on Instagram. Victim A stated, “I also heard that he met Victim B through Instagram as well. Now that I think about it, that’s his pattern. He checks people out, contacts them, and meets them through SNS.” Victim A and Yoo Sang Moo exchanged phone numbers, started to talk over the phone, and eventually dated after getting in touch through Instagram.

Their beginnings were just like any other couple. Both sides expressed their affection to each other; however, there were conflicts from time to time when Yoo Sang Moo was difficult to reach.

Date Unknown 

Yoo Sang Moo: I miss you.

Victim A: I won’t fall for it anymore.

Yoo Sang Moo: Fine. I’m disappointed in you too.

Victim A: You only say you miss me, but don’t make the effort to come see me.

Yoo Sang Moo: I’m being honest.

Victim A: You only act like you’re being honest. You say you miss me out of the blue after not contacting me. You treat me like I’m a toy when you are bored.

Yoo Sang Moo: I like you, but you keep pushing me away.

Victim A: If you really liked me, you wouldn’t call me just in these situations. Wouldn’t you regularly call to see how I’m doing?

Yoo Sang Moo: I seriously work all the time like a dog TT TT

Victim A: I don’t think we were meant to be.

Victim A stated, “I said it to him then too. If this is all an act, then he would be punished by heaven. He said that it was a misunderstanding. I decided to trust him again and we decided to date formally.”

Right after the sexual allegations were made by Victim B, Yoo Sang Moo stated that Victim B was his girlfriend. He tried to make the ordeal into just a “happening” between girlfriend and boyfriend. But Victim A was not one to stay quiet after hearing his attempt to make excuses.

“The reason I wanted to speak out in an interview is because I believe there are a lot of victims like me and Victim B. I want him to at least take responsibility for his actions. I’m not trying to claim that I’m his real girlfriend. What use would that be? There are a lot of nice girls like me out there. I want this incident to be accurately portrayed.”

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