Song Joong Ki Says He Would Have Been Lee Kwang Soo’s Manager If He Didn’t Do Acting

On May 22, Song Joong Ki’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, stated, “Song Joong Ki had a special fan meeting with 6,500 fans in Wuhan, the fourth stop in China for his ‘2016 Asia Tour Fan Meeting,’” and, “He was able to casually speak short phrases in Chinese, even surprised his fans by using the Wuhan dialect.”

Song Joong Ki Wuhan

During a Q&A session with his fans, the actor was asked, “What would you have become if you did not become a an actor?” Song Joong Ki wittily responded, “If I did not become an actor, I would have become Lee Kwang Soo’s manager,” yet again displaying his loyalty to their friendship. He also gave his opinion on giving to those in need. “Giving is something that I feel I will have to continuously do in the future.”

Song Joong Ki 1

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki made an appearance on Chinese variety program, “Happy Camp,” on May 21. This episode reached a record in highest viewership for the show this year, and was also the highest viewership of any episode that featured a Korean guest, solidifying his reputation as the “National Husband.”

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