Actress Park Han Byul Reportedly Dating An Entrepreneur

According to an industry insider, actress Park Han Byul is dating an entrepreneur one year her junior for about four months now.

The actress reportedly met her “boyfriend” in February at a meeting with friends and they started off as friends first before becoming lovers. They fast became close due to their overlapping golf hobby.

The “boyfriend” is said to be tall and handsome, who was once a hopeful actor. In 2015, he opened a multi-shop under his name in Gangnam. He is currently well known in the fashion industry as a entrepreneur.

The two are said to be dating openly, not hiding from the public during their dates, but the industry insider said that Park Han Byul is concerned about any damages to her boyfriend, should their relationship become widely known, since he is running his own business.

Park Han Byul has yet to comment on the report

Park Han Byul was last seen in the drama “I Have a Lover,” which ended in February. She is expected to return to the big screen later this year.

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