Watch: TWICE’s Nayeon’s Past As Extra In Suzy’s Cosmetics CF Is Just Too Cute

It seems that Nayeon had a cute past even before debuting as a member of girl group TWICE.

A video being shared on online communities and social media under the title of “TWICE’s Nayeon Pre-Debut” has been gaining popularity recently.

The video is a commercial for teen cosmetics brand “tn” that was filmed in 2012.

Nayeon displays a pure and young beauty along with miss A’s Suzy.

Although she doesn’t have a lot of screen time as the supporting role for main model Suzy, viewers were drawn to her pretty features that rivaled even that of the miss A member.

Fans who watched the video didn’t cease to praise Nayeon for her unchanging beauty, even before her debut.

Check out the video below!

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