Agency Will Seek Legal Action Against N-Sonic After Group Cuts All Contact

Following news that boy group N-Sonic has disappeared and missed all their schedules, on May 24 their company C2K Entertainment announced that they will be seeking a legal review on the matter.

A representative said, “On May 9 the members cut off all contact and two weeks have passed since then. In the meantime the company has suffered damage through canceling various schedules, all the while waiting for the members to take heart and come back.”

They continued, “Even yesterday [May 23], when the news about the members was first reported to the media, we waited. If there was a problem we would have first worked it out through discussions, but outside of the notice of contract termination there was no contact. Up until the day before contact ended they were laughing, eating food, and drinking coffee with company employees. They didn’t even show any signs and then they suddenly disappeared.”

The group members returned from a concert schedule on May 9 and have since cut off all contact with the agency, only delivering a request for contact termination through their attorney on May 17.

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