QUIZ: Can You Name The Fan Clubs Of These K-Pop Groups?

As K-pop fans, we all know how important it is to know the fan club names of all the groups you love. It’s crucial. And, if we’re being honest, should definitely be considered an Olympic sport. Seriously, what other fandom out there has to juggle being a part of multiple other fandoms inside the bigger fandom that includes all of us? Not to mention all the non-K-pop fandoms we’re a part of in addition to our sub-K-pop fandoms. We’re mental athletes, really.

Being a K-pop fan is a skill, and it’s time to test just how good you are at it. Can you name the fan clubs of these K-pop groups? Take the quiz to find out!

How did you do? Tell us your score in the comments!

brookenicole is a creative writer with a huge love for K-pop and an even bigger love for playlist creation. You can find her on Twitter here.