This Is How One Idol Avoids Playing The Dreaded Paper Kiss Game With His Group Members

You know that game that fans seems to love but idols want to avoid? Yes, that paper kiss game where idols are asked to move a piece of paper down a line of people using only their lips. It often results in hilariously awkward situations when the idols look like they are kissing each other or really do end up lip to lip because the paper falls from their mouth right before it is passed on.

Group BTS was asked to play that game to show their teamwork in the latest episode of KBS’s “MV Bank,” which aired May 25 KST, and it really looked like it was going to happen, with no one expressing particular objection, although member V stomped around for a bit, wondering why he was sitting next to Suga for this game.

Viewers were in for a surprise, however, when as soon as the game starts and the paper is in Suga’s lips, he starts coughing and the paper drops to the floor. Suga puts on the most pitiful looking face he can muster in that moment, and exclaims, “Did we fail?” The rest of the members burst out laughing, floored by Suga’s sly acting and quick thinking.

bts mv bank 2

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bts mv bank 5

After they calm themselves, Jin declares, “Our teamwork is amazing!” and Rap Monster mischievously complains, “I really wanted to play the game.”

Watch the hilarious moment for yourself below.

Here is another version: