Actress “A” Under Investigation On Prostitution Charges

According to “Channel A” reports, actress “A,” who is in her early thirties and well-known for her sexy image, is under investigation by police for alleged involvement in prostitution.

The actress, who has received popularity through appearances in variety programs, dramas, and movies, is said to have received about 10 million won (approximately $8,500) to have sexual relations with a stock investor “Park,” who is in his forties.

“Park” testified to police, “I met actress ‘A’ through a broker and solicited prostitution.”

The stock investor was also fined by the courts previously for paying popular female singer “B” 15 million won (approximately $12,700) for sexual relations.

Although “Park” has admitted to prostitution charges, actress “A” is stating that the fact the two met is true, but is denying that she engaged in prostitution.

However, police have charged her and the broker who connected the two on charges of prostitution, intensifying the investigation.

The broker is known to have arranged celebrity prostitution alongside 41-year-old entertainment agency representative “Kang,” who is currently under trial for arranging celebrity prostitution.

Police expect more cases of celebrity prostitution to be revealed through this broker and are expanding the investigation.

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