Jang Hyunseung’s Fan Union Sues Netizens For Malicious Comments And Actions Against Singer

A union of fans of former BEAST member Jang Hyungseung have submitted to the police charges of defamation against netizens who left malicious comments and spread false information about the singer. The suit was submitted yesterday, May 26 KST, according to a statement released by the union.

The union argues that the actions of the netizens they are suing can be categorized as defamation, having indiscriminately spread slander and false information for more than six months. The union is suing netizens who have attacked Jang Hyunseung on a personal level, starting around May 2015, with comments that can be described as sexual harassment and suggesting that Jang Hyunseung uses drugs. The union describes some actions as stalking, the ways these netizens chased down his every move and spread their speculations and rumors about him regarding his solo album boycott and his absence from BEAST’s fan meeting. These netizens have also committed slander against Jang Hyunseung’s acquaintances and family, says the union. Some even claimed to be close to Cube Entertainment staff and have insider information to spread their false rumors. The union emphasizes that this suit is not against fans who simply demanded an explanation, but against those who attacked the artist with malicious intent for longer than six months.

It concludes, “This isn’t punishment and revenge against an individual; we’re proceeding with this action in order to foster a more mature, healthy, and wholesome fandom culture that isn’t shaken by the selfish action of a few malicious fans.” It also says they will support Jang Hyunseung and BEAST as pursue their different visions for their music.

Jang Hyunseung officially parted ways with BEAST this past April, following the controversy over his alleged “attitude problem.” Cube Entertainment stated that the members came to the decision after much discussion over differences in personality and opinions on music.

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