Watch: Jota And Kim Jin Kyung Get Close On “We Got Married” Judo Date

Model Kim Jin Kyung receives private judo lessons from MADTOWN’s Jota on the latest episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.”

Jota shares during an interview, “I took her to the judo gym because I wanted to show her my manly side.”

Kim Jin Kyung expresses her interest in the martial art and says, “When I heard Jota does judo, I thought it would be nice if we did it together. I should learn it diligently.”

When she enters the gym after changing into her uniform, Jota helps tie her belt around her waist and the couple ends up in a back hug, making Kim Jin Kyung shy.

She says on an interview, “It was embarrassing when he was putting on my belt. His uniform was too open, so I was taken aback by the physical contact.”

jota kim jin kyung

Jota claims he was unaware of this and states, “I noticed her flinch, but I didn’t know it was because of the physical contact. In judo we loosen our uniforms to move better, so my uniform was loose then too. I didn’t think it would cause a misunderstanding. I was too oblivious. I was thinking about judo too much.”

With Kim Jin Kyung watching, Jota flaunts his moves, and even succeeds doing push-ups while carrying her on his back.

Seeing his six-pack abs being exposed by his uniform while they do judo, Kim Jin Kyung says, “He would be talking, but my eyes would trail off to his muscles. The collars of his uniform kept getting loosened. He has the most realistic muscles I’ve seen so far.”

Watch the couple get close on their judo date below!

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