Watch: Song Ji Hyo And Gary Share An Emotional Moment After Intense Couples Game On “Running Man”

On May 29’s episode of “Running Man,” the “Monday Couple” Song Ji Hyo and Gary comfort each other after competing in a tough game together.


In this week’s episode, the seven-member cast is pitted against 300 university students as part of their celebration of their 300th episode, which started last week. As part of the competition, Song Ji Hyo and Gary are paired up to play one of the show’s classic games against all of the students.

song ji hyo gary 3

Gary has to lie on the floor while holding Song Ji Hyo in the air with his feet, and then lift her up and down by bending his legs. The students also all pair up to do the same.

gary song ji hyo

As time goes on, more and more couples fail the game by collapsing. However, Gary and Song Ji Hyo stay strong, and keep asking each other if they’re okay. “Is your stomach sore?” asks Gary, but Song Ji Hyo replies, “I’m okay.”

To make the couples collapse faster, the speed of the lifts increases, and both of them start to look very worn out. Song Ji Hyo admits that she’s in pain when Gary asks again, but tells him she’s okay.

gary song ji hyo 2

After a long time in the uncomfortable position, there are still several couples left remaining in the competition. To wrap things up, Yoo Jae Suk announces that they’ll all have to do twenty more lifts, and whoever’s left remaining will be considered a winner. All the remaining eight couples manage to make it as everyone in the gymnasium cheers them on.

Song Ji Hyo then gets down off Gary’s legs as Lee Kwang Soo helps them. She immediately crouches down, her face crumpled with emotion as she tears up.

song ji hyo 1

Lee Kwang Soo comforts her by patting her on the back, and Gary sits up from the floor and embraces her as they both recover.

song ji hyo gary 2

Watch the intense game in the video below!

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