Singer Song Yu Vin Hints Details About His Upcoming Idol Group

After debuting as a solo artist, former contestant of Mnet’s “Superstar K6” Song Yu Vin revealed details regarding his idol group promotions, to be begin next year.

In an interview with OSEN, the singer says, “I am living together in the dorm with the other trainees. The name of the group is My Teen and the concept is that of a boy group that is bright and full of energy. I am preparing along with the other 20~21 year old trainees and our image will be similar to B1A4 and SEVENTEEN.”

After being eliminated on “Superstar K6” two years ago, Song Yu Vin signed an exclusive contract with Baek Ji Young’s company, who was one of the judges. The agency, Music Works, suggested that he join an idol group as he received dance lessons with the other trainees.

The singer recalls, “At first I was caught off guard. I thought, ‘Why should I’ and had a bit of an identity crisis. But then I started showing sides of myself that I didn’t know I had before. I think I will be able to express various charms as a solo artist and as an idol member.”

Song Yu Vin is expected to focus on his idol group debut next year as the first boy group by Music Works after releasing his solo song, “Deep in My Bones, It’s You” (tentative title) today.

The singer added in closing that, although the image of “Song Yu Vin” group may be strong at first, he will work hard to make it so that everyone becomes recognized for their work.

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