U-KISS Members Eli And Soohyun Become Active On Instagram

Boy group U-KISS members Eli and Soohyun have made recent stirrings on Instagram.

Eli, who closed his original account in December of 2015, rejoins Instagram as eli_kim91. He left a message to fans on his profile stating, “Hey everyone~ Thanks for waiting so long^^ I finally made an account^^”. Eli has yet to post anything onto his account.

The group’s leader, Soohyun, made an Instagram account as well under the ID shinsoohyun89. He has already uploaded two pictures of himself to commemorate his start on the social media platform. His most recent post’s caption reads, “Let’s start Instagram. This is confusing. #soohyun #u-kiss #leader #startingInstagram”

인스타해보쟝 복잡해네 #수현 #유키스 #리다 #인스타시작

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Thanks to Bom for the tip!