Lee Seung Chul Talks About BIGBANG’s Taeyang On “Entertainment Weekly”

On June 4 veteran singer Lee Seung Chul, who is currently in the midst of activities for his 30th anniversary concert, was interviewed by KBS2 “Entertainment Weekly.” When asked about his thoughts on his 30th anniversary, Lee Seung Chul responds, “The fact that I am able to sing in front of my fans for 30 years makes me happy.”

The singer also talks about his fan club. “The fan club is about 28 years old. The fan club’s president has also aged.” He jokingly adds, “Although I am thankful, my heart aches.”

Lee Seung Chul expresses his disappointment over his own voice. “I was always envious of husky voices like Im Jae Bum’s.”

When asked about which junior he cares for the most, Lee Seung Chul mentions BIGBANG’s Taeyang. “He truly has everything except for height. Singers can’t be tall.” He jokes, “Have you ever seen a successful tall singer?” When the reporter responds with “Rain,” Lee Seung Chul’s taken aback reaction cracks up the studio.

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