Lee Jong Suk Takes Care Of An Intern Reporter During Chaotic Interview

Actor Lee Jong Suk recently took part in the opening ceremony of a new HugoBOSS store. For the event, he participated in a red carpet event as well as a press conference.

As soon as he appeared, the press crowded around him in order to get an interview. However, an altercation arose between a Korean intern reporter at Hong Kong AP, Park Joo Won, and another Hong Kong entertainment reporter.

In the chaotic rush, the entertainment reporter accused Park Joo Won of pushing them, which Park Joo Won denied. Eventually, the entertainment reporter grew angry and insulted the intern. When the interview started, Park Joo Won was not given the opportunity to question the actor.

At the very end, Park Joo Won managed to shout a question in Korean about Lee Jong Suk’s next schedule. Lee Jong Suk was pleasantly surprised and answered, “Are you Korean?” However, the translator either ignored or missed the intern reporter’s question and took another reporter’s question instead.

Lee Jong Suk then pointed out that Park Joo Won had asked first and answered her question before leaving the event.

Park Joo Won said later, “It was a really upsetting day, but thanks to Lee Jong Suk, I gained strength. I am grateful to him and hope that only good things happen to him in the future.”

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