Watch: SHINee’s Jonghyun Becomes An Instant “3-Minute Friend” For “SNL Korea”

What would it be like to have SHINee’s Jonghyun as your friend? Jonghyun turns into “3-Minute Friend” as he hosted the June 4 episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea 7.”

SNL’s “3 Minute” digital short series has become popular, and in this, episode Jonghyun becomes Kim Min Gyu’s “3-Minute Friend.” Kim Min Gyu summons a variety of friends, all played by Jonghyun. Each friend embodies a different flavor/type listed on the box.

SHINee Lee Jong Hyun 3

Kim Min Gyu believes he summoned a “Great Advantage Friend,” but after buying him chicken Jonghyun proceeds to wipe food from the side of Kim Min Gyu’s mouth while looking at him with loving eyes. Jonghyun also suggestively tells Kim Min Gyu to wash up cleanly. Turns out “Great Advantage Friend” was a pun for “Gay Friend.”

SHINee Lee Jonghyun

Jonghyun also turns into a North Korean singing in the North Korean dialect as “Comrade,” and a monk as “Really Close Friend” (in Korean “jeol-chin” is best friend, but the first part of the word can also refer to temple to make it sound like “temple friend”).

Despite many tries, Kim Min Gyu is hilariously unsuccessful at finding even a single friend to simply eat dinner with.

Watch the hysterical clip below:

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