Song Il Gook Picks Which Of The Triplets Has Potential As Musical Actor

Actor Song Il Gook recently commented on the possibility of his famous triplets as musical actors.

Actors Lee Jong Hyuk, Song Il Gook, Kim Seon Kyung, and Choi Jung Won of the musical, “42nd Street,” were interviewed for the June 5 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV.”

In response to one of the questions on who out of his three children he would want to become a musical actor, Song Il Gook answers, “Minguk has a really good sense of pitch. So does his mom. Manse has the character,” and, “If they tell me they want to do it, I will encourage them.”

song il gook triplets 2

Fellow actor Lee Jong Hyuk commented, “Just wait until they get older,” and “They will say, ‘Dad, I got a 0 [on my school work], can’t I become a celebrity instead?’ Then you will just tell them to ‘go and study,'” making everyone laugh by implying the words of his own children.

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