Skull And Haha Featured In Jamaican Newspaper For Reggae Track With Stephen Marley

A few months after releasing their reggae song, “Love Inside,” featuring Bob Marley’s son Stephen Marley, Haha and Skull were recently featured in the Jamaica Observer.

A representative of Haha and Skull’s agency commented on June 5 to TVReport, “Haha and Skull’s song ‘Love Inside’ was released at the same time in both Korea and Jamaica. But we are surprised that the response came now. There are two major newspapers that Jamaican people read, and the article written on the duo was in one of the two. We were surprised that their article was placed so largely.”

Haha posted a picture of the June 3 article in the newspaper onto his Instagram account. His caption reads, “#jamaicaobserver #skullandhaha #stephenmarley #jamaicanewspaper #loveinside #interview”.

#jamaicaobserver #스컬앤하하 #stephenmarley #자메이카신문 #loveinside #인터뷰

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Watch the music video for “Love Inside” below!

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