Akdong Musician Admits That Their Songs Are Difficult To Sing

On June 6, the Akdong Musician siblings featured as guests on SBS Radio PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” (hereafter “Cultwo Show”) to the delight of listeners and fans.

During the broadcast the DJs mention, “We are getting many texts that say your new songs are really difficult to sing along to.”

In response the writer, composer, and arranger of the songs, Lee Chanhyuk, responds, “These songs is indeed a difficult song to sing, so I felt regret after completing them.” His sister, Lee Soohyun, adds, “There are no breaks during the songs, so singing them live is difficult as well,” playfully hinting blame towards her brother.

Akdong Musician Cultwo

When asked about their upcoming activities, “Because of our strong acoustic image we attempted many different styles of music, so we are glad people are enjoying it. This mini-album is one-half of our full album. We released part one of ‘adolescence,’ so there will be a part two to complete the album.”

When asked about going through adolescence Lee Soohyun responds, “We are past that stage. When I we first came on the ‘Cultwo Show’ I remember not speaking at all because I was going through adolescence. Haven’t I become more mature?”

In addition Lee Chanhyuk states, “When I make a song, I have to beg my sister to listen to it.” However, Soohyun responds, “He makes me listen to his songs until I say I like them. So I just leave without saying anything.” The siblings’ cute relationship made the studio staff and viewers laugh.

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