Nam Joo Hyuk Joins Cha Seung Won And Son Ho Jun In Variety Show “Three Meals A Day”

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk joins fellow actors Cha Seung Won and Son Ho Jun in the new season of the popular tvN variety show “Three Meals a Day.”

tvN confirms the casting today, after announcing Cha Seung Won and Son Ho Jun’s return yesterday, saying the three will appear in the July 1 premiere episode of “Three Meals a Day.” Actor Yoo Hae Jin, who was in the previous seasons of “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village,” won’t be able to join this new season due to scheduling conflicts. tvN explained that it will keep his seat vacant for him to join anytime.

Nam Joo Hyuk is the youngest among the cast and will be fulfilling his role as the youngest or maknae of the group, showing great chemistry with the rest of the cast, says the production team.

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