7 Things Only BTS Stans Understand

The Army fandom has many, many, many inside jokes — mostly because these boys are a living meme. In honor of their 3rd anniversary, here are seven things that all Armies have come to understand (and accept):

1. You got no jams

I’m pretty sure you guys all knew this one was coming.

This was made infamous in a Bangtan bomb, where Rap Monster told Jimin that he “had no jams.” Ever since then, the whole fandom’s been on fire (insfire?) for jams. In the same Bangtan bomb also comes a few legendary statements from J-hope:

j hope dirty water

2. Jungkook’s girlfriend: Lamb skewers

The golden maknae is known for his passionate love of lamb skewers. Suga was the one who introduced them to him (it has been revealed that Suga always asks to go get them), and from then on, he was hooked. He and Suga have even decided on an official name for their lamb skewer restaurant in the future.

3. Jin’s traffic dance

I don’t think this one needs explanation…

4. From J-hope to J-nope to J-horse

Along with his loud and bright personality, J-hope is also known for his many facial expressions, like J-nope.

“J-horse” is another nickname due to his long face and apparent resemblance to a horse.

5. V: Toilet friends

BTS’s V is famous for making friends, like Yook Sungjae and Park Kyung, in the restroom.

6. Suga: Savage, swag, sass

Suga is known for not giving one tree shoot about anything or anyone around him.

Some of Suga’s memorable quotes:

In response to a fan’s request that they all do “shy shy shy”:

Ft: J-nope

7. Rap Monster’s alter egos

Just like J-Hope, Rap Monster has his fair share of nicknames like

Dance Monster

Destruction Monster

and Pink Monster (ft: Dance Monster)

*Bonus: Suga and His Trophy: The Real OTP

This list is, of course, by no means exhaustive. What other fandom jokes did we miss? Tell us in the comments below!

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