AOMG Artists Rap Battle “SNL Korea” Cast In “Show Me The Money” Parody

As was speculated following news that AOMG artists would be hosting “SNL Korea,” the June 11 episode features a “Show Me The Money” parody corner.

During the show, AOMG artists Jay Park, Loco, and Simon Dominic rap battle “SNL Korea” cast members.

Jay Park goes up against Yoo Se Yoon, and Simon Dominic battles Shin Dong Yup, but to their bewilderment, Jay Park and Simon Dominic lose both battles while their opponents get high praise.

You can catch the hilarious parody corner below!

Meanwhile, Simon Dominic and Gray are currently representing label AOMG as producers on “Show Me the Money 5.”

Did you enjoy this episode of “SNL Korea”?

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