Lee Kwang Soo Hides In The Ladies’ Room On “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo gets tracked down by actress Han Ye Ri on this week’s episode of SBS’s “Running Man.”

On the June 12 episode of the show, the “Running Man” members get chased by a tracker team.

Han Ye Ri manages to drive Lee Kwang Soo into a corner and asks for his nametag.

However, Lee Kwang Soo slyly diverts her attention by attempting to strike a deal wherein he gives the actress all the hints for the mission he has accumulated.

While the actress is slightly distracted, he takes a quick stride and runs away. In his haste to escape, he enters the ladies’ room.

lee kwang soo han ye ri

This surprises Han Ye Ri, who exclaims, “You have to go out. Aren’t you embarrassed? This is the ladies’ room,” and successfully lures Lee Kwang Soo outside.

Unfortunately, she is unable to catch up to Lee Kwang Soo and loses him eventually.

Catch the full episode below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1096427v-running-man-episode-303

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