SBS Explains Why I.O.I Was Entirely Edited Out Of Dream Concert Broadcast

Viewers were unable to see I.O.I on the June 11 television broadcast of the 2016 Dream Concert, which aired on the SBS channel, and in response to complaints, the network explains why.

SBS stated today, June 13 KST, “The reason why I.O.I was entirely edited out of the Dream Concert was because of the broadcast length. Other teams were also edited out. There was no malicious intent.”

It added, “All performances were aired on SBS Plus, but on the main SBS channel, due to the TV programming schedule, a portion of the performances were inevitably cut out.”

The 2016 Dream Concert took place on June 4 KST at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul and was broadcast live through Naver’s V app. It was later aired on television on June 11 through the SBS channel. Despite I.O.I’s attendance at the concert, when it appeared that the group was edited out from the TV broadcast, netizens voiced their concerns, angry that it seemed like the group was being discriminated against because it is was formed through the show “Produce 101” that aired on Mnet – a cable network channel. Historically, groups or singers that were connected to cable networks (like artists coming from “Superstar K”), were not able to promote on the three main terrestrial networks – MBC, SBS, and KBS. Such precedents fueled netizens’ suspicions that I.O.I was purposefully cut out of the SBS broadcast. The Dream Concert was also I.O.I’s last promotional stage for “Dream Girls.”

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