Sung Dong Il Reveals Kim Soo Hyun’s Funny And Down-To-Earth Personality

Actor Sung Dong Il has talked about actor Kim Soo Hyun’s actual personality.

On the June 14 broadcast of tvN’s “Taxi,” actor Sung Dong Il and “Reply” series producer Shin Won Ho appeared as guests.

Kim Soo Hyun Sung Dong Il Taxi2

During the show, the MCs mention actor Kim Soo Hyun, who Sung Dong Il worked with in the film “Real.”

Kim Soo Hyun Sung Dong Il Taxi3

Sung Dong Il says, “I worked with him for the first time [in ‘Real’]. He’s a very uplifting person than you’d think. He’s funnier and more of a jokester than me. He has great manners; he would always bow and greet others even when someone just one year older than him appears.”

Kim Soo Hyun Sung Dong Il Taxi4

Hearing this, MC Oh Man Suk compliments Kim Soo Hyun saying, “There is a reason to his success.”

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