Rapper ONE Responds To “Show Me The Money 5” Judges’ Comments About His Looks

The June 17 episode of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 5” features the grouping of 16 contestants.


In this episode rappers Hash Swan and Miss LA fail to match with a producer team and are eliminated from the show. Producers Mad Clown and Gil express their disappointment over Hash Swan’s departure. “If he came to our team, we would have chosen him. It’s a shame.”

Contestants ONE and Xitsuh (Seo Chul Goo) avoid elimination by matching up with a producer team the second time around. ONE, who failed to match up with AOMG the first time, successfully joins the team in the end.

During the AOMG team’s trip to Yeongjong Island, Simon D says, “It’s okay, you’re good-looking” to ONE. This is one of many comments made by judges on ONE’s looks. To this ONE comments, “It’s embarrassing that only my visuals are pointed out.”

Check out the AOMG team’s performance on this week’s episode below:

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