Park Yoochun Sues First Accuser For False Accusation And Blackmail

Updated June 21 KSTFirst Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Demanded Money From C-JeS Before Filing Police Report

Original June 20 KST:

On June 20, at roughly 1:15 p.m., Park Yoochun’s legal representative from the firm Shin & Kim filed a suit at the Gangnam police station against the woman who first came forward with sexual assault allegations against the singer, although those allegations have since been withdrawn.

Park Yoochun’s side is accusing the woman of false accusation and blackmail, and a report from Yonhap states that Park Yoochun’s reps are looking over similar suits against the three other women who subsequently came forward with sexual assault claims.

Currently, police have set up a task force of 12 to handle this case, and investigation is under way regarding all four allegations. They have begun to question those that had been with Park Yoochun at the time of sexual assault, and tests are being done to determine whether male DNA found on underwear provided by the first individual to press charges belongs to Park Yoochun.

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