T-ara And DIA’s Agency MBK Entertainment To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

MBK Entertainment has announced that it is accepting information regarding malicious comments and the spreading of false rumors in order to take legal action. It has specifically asked for such information about its groups T-ara, DIA, and solo artist Shannon.

In a statement released on June 17, MBK Entertainment explain that they had previously thought of malicious comments as a way for people to show their interest and therefore not taken any action. However, as time has passed, they have realised that the spreading of rumors and posting of malicious comments has gone too far.

MBK Entertainment promises to take strong action against those who have been involved in the spreading of rumors and posting of comments that have constituted a smear campaign against their artists. They state that they will be taking legal action once they confirm the activities of these individuals, and will not be making any settlements or showing leniency.

MBK Entertainment shared a a screenshot of an inbox full of tips about malicious comments that fans of T-ara have collected on June 20.

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