MADTOWN’s Jota Shows Off Present From Virtual Wife Kim Jin Kyung

On the recent episode of “Cool Kiz on the Block” that aired on June 21, the members take a camping trip together.

While preparing dinner together, the members decide to pull a prank on Oh Man Suk, who came late to the gathering due to his schedule.

While Hak Jin secretly stuffs a wrap with garlic, MADTOWN’s Jota distracts Oh Man Suk by starting a conversation. Man Suk then compliments Jota’s shirt, saying, “It’s pretty.” Jota happily replies, “My wife bought it for me.”

cool kiz on the block2

Jota is currently appearing on “We Got Married,” and he is referring to his virtual wife Kim Jin Kyung.

When Hak Jin actually brings the prank food, Oh Man Suk realizes that it’s a prank and the members’ plan goes down the drain.

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