Park Yoochun And First Accuser Both Reveal Recordings Regarding Settlement

Following the submission of Park Yoochun’s counter suit against the first accuser in the sexual assault case — in which he claims that the woman, referred to here as Ms. Lee, approached his agency and demanded a settlement prior to filing a police complaint — the current focus of the case has become the settlement and the interaction between the woman and her boyfriend and C-JeS: who, in fact, approached whom about the settlement, and was it ever paid?

Both sides have come forward with recordings.

Park Yoochun’s side claims that Ms. Lee first approached the agency demanding 1 billion won (approximately $864,000). According to Channel A on June 21, CEO Baek Chang Ju of C-JeS submitted a recording of Ms. Lee’s boyfriend to the police as evidence. It has been revealed that the recording is of the boyfriend saying that Ms. Lee can no longer live in Korea because of rumors of what happened, and asking the agency to help her move to China.

In a phone call with Channel A, the boyfriend responded, “I simply put [my girlfriend] and Park Yoochun’s agency in touch as a favor for an acquaintance. I didn’t lie about what happened. I wasn’t involved in the lawsuit that [my girlfriend] filed, nor the withdrawal of it five days later.”

Ms. Lee also has a recording supporting her claims that C-JeS was the one to first offer a settlement, which was revealed by media. The recording is of a phone call that took place immediately after the [sexual assault] incident.

The C-JeS agency rep in the clip (played on SBS 8 O’Clock News) says, “We’ve thought a lot about what we can do appease you…”

In another clip: “I think it’s right for [C-JeS] to respond to [the price] that you give us.”

According to an acquaintance of Ms. Lee, who gave a statement on SBS 8 O’Clock News, C-JeS said that they wanted to make a settlement, and asked Ms. Lee to wait one day, continuously asking her to name a price. However, Ms. Lee claims that she did not receive any settlement from C-JeS, and that if she had, there would be a written record of it.

C-JeS has stated in response that they will simply reveal the truth through police investigation, and will not take any separate action via media.

Police have finished questioning Ms. Lee’s boyfriend and the C-JeS CEO, and will be tracking account transactions to determine if money was ever moved for the settlement. Questioning has also wrapped up for the four women who came forward with sexual assault complaints.

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