Han Ye Seul Files Lawsuit Against Netizen Who Has Harassed Her For A Year

According to police reports on June 22, “Han Ye Seul has filed a lawsuit against a malicious netizen for spreading false rumors and defamation on June 17.”

An affiliate of Han Ye Seul’s agency stated, “A netizen has spread false rumors and offended her through her Instagram account for about a year. The agency asked this netizen to stop countless times but it did not get better. When these malicious posts crossed the line and started affecting other netizens and fans, we decided to take legal action.”

Han Ye Seul usually communicates with her fans through her Instagram account, and this particular netizen has written many false rumors and offensive comments on the actress’s posts.

Han Ye Seul’s side continued, “We will continue taking legal action against any more malicious commenters from now on.”

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