Jeong Jinwoon Jokingly Celebrates Becoming A “Member Of EXO,” Thanks To A Fan’s Mom

2AM member Jeong Jinwoon, who recently staged a comeback with his solo single “Will,” is once again cracking fans up with his funny conversations on Twitter.

On June 22, a Twitter user posted, “Wow, my mom just said that the only EXO member she knows is Jeong Jinwoon. You are seriously hot these days..”

Jeong Jinwoon saw the message and replied, “Hooray, I’m in EXOㅋㅋ.” Another Twitter user replies, “Congrats on [being in] EXO,” and Jeong Jinwoon says, “Hoorayㅋㅋㅋ.”

jeong jinwoon 2

He also recently replied to a user who wrote, “Jeong Jinwoon is really popular on Twitter these days, was he in 2PM or 2AM or 2NE1?” Jeong Jinwoon jokes by replying, “TWICE.” He adds, “I’m ‘shy shy shy’ while I search on Twitter,” referencing Sana’s famous line in TWICE’s “Cheer Up.”

Another Twitter user asked, “What group is Jeong Jinwoon from…? If I just see the name I think.. B1A4..?” Jeong Jinwoon replied, “Went solo after starting in 2AM, transferred to TWICE but recently became a member of EXO at the command of a mother.”

jeong jinwoon

In reply to another Twitter user who asked, “Who is Jeong Jinwoon?”, he replied, “Born May 2, 1991. Following being active with 2AM after debuting in 2008, he has ascended to the throne as a King of Dance, going down in history in Korea’s dance world. He is active in variety, drama, and music, and currently is lonely while promoting solo.”

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