Watch: Lee Jong Suk And Han Hyo Joo Build Anticipation In New “W” Trailers

MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “W” has revealed additional trailers.

Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo have individual teasers that feature them alone. For Lee Jong Suk’s trailer, Han Hyo Joo’s voice asks, “Where are you? What kind of world do you live in?” Similarly, the trailer featuring Han Hyo Joo has Lee Jong Suk’s voice asking the same question.

In the drama, the pair live in the same place and the same time but are separated by different dimensions. The fantasy melodrama is expected to tell a romantic and unique love story.

Another trailer has been revealed which features the pair divided by their different worlds. Although able to see each other, they cannot be in each other’s worlds. However, after placing their palms against each other, the different worlds fall apart.

Check out the trailers below!

“W” will air its first episode on July 20 following the end of “Lucky Romance.”

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