Jeon Hye Bin Talks About How Viewers Hate Her Character On “Oh Hae Young Again”

On the June 25 episode of JTBC’s ” Ask Us Anything,” cast member Lee Sang Min comments that he is a fan of the drama “Oh Hae Young Again” in front of this week’s guest, Jeon Hye Bin. The actress is a supporting actress in the series.

The other cast members respond, “Then you must dislike Jeon Hye Bin.” Lee Sang Min denies their comments, “No, that’s not true.”

Jeon Hye Bin frankly comments, “All of the viewers hate me. They say I’m a priss and that I’m annoying.”

Sometimes it’s hard being the supporting actress. What do you think of Jeon Hye Bin’s role in “Oh Hae Young Again”?

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Watch a clip of the episode below:

Catch the latest episode of “Oh Hae Young Again” here:

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