“Show Me The Money 5” Songs Top Music Charts

For two weeks in a row, Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 5” has achieved its best viewership ratings. Furthermore, the songs “Comfortable” and “Going Home,” which were performed on this week’s episode, have topped music charts, putting the show at the top for both TV broadcast ratings and music charts.

The June 24 episode of “Show Me the Money 5” featured diss battles and the long awaited start of performance competitions. In the first round of performance competitions, each team prepared a solo and team performance.  The first match up is between team Gil and Mad Clown and team Simon Dominic and Gray.


Gil and Mad Clown revive the team’s previously failed attempt at the song “Going Home.” Producers Gil and Mad Clown choose #Gun over D0nutman to perform the song with them. #Gun moves the audience with his honest and sincere lyrics. Mad Clown’s powerful rapping and Gummy’s vocals make the performance stand out more.

Simon Dominic and Gray contemplate choosing between contestants ONE and G2. After shocking viewers over their decision to choose ONE, the three put on a fantastic performance. The visually pleasing contestant and producer combo melted the hearts of viewers with their smooth and sweet vocals and rap in “Comfortable.” ONE showed a stable and comfortable side to his talents on stage, proving his growth and development as a rapper on the show.

The unpredictable competition between the two teams ends with a surprising win for Gil and Mad Clown. Gil states, “I was not expecting this at all. #Gun did really well today.” #Gun comments, “I was taken aback. I was able to make it to the top six because of my mother’s prayers.”

Simon Dominic says, “I was proud. The was ONE’s best rap and performance thus far. I will continue to teach and help him.” ONE makes his farewell, stating, “The experience has always been a fun one. I am sorry to G2 and the producers. I want to express my thanks to everyone. Through ‘Show Me The Money’ I got to know many talented rappers, and I will try to put myself out there.” He states to viewers, “I made many mistakes and generated a lot of talk, but I will come back on a different stage as a better rapper.”

Both teams’ songs, “Comfortable” and “Going Home,” have topped various music charts since the airing of the episode.

Check out the performances below!

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