BIGBANG Makes Big Promises If Ticket Sales Reach 100,000 For “BIGBANG MADE”

On June 28, BIGBANG participated in a movie talk through Naver’s V app for their upcoming movie, “BIGBANG MADE,” which commemorates their 10-year anniversary.

On the same day, BIGBANG greeted the press and fans as a complete group for the first time in three months. The group told their fans that they would show them their real selves.

“Our sincere and truthful behind-the-scenes selves are included in the movie. We are just like guys who are our age. We wish for viewers to watch the movie favorably.”

The group also made a promise to fans.

Taeyang stated, “While in the waiting room we made a box-office promise. We originally had planned to put on a guerrilla concert for our 10-year anniversary, but it did not happen. If we reach over 100,000 in ticket sales we will hold a guerrilla concert at a location no one will know about. If we reach over 50,000 in sales we will reveal unreleased movie footage, which include Seungri and T.O.P’s shower scenes. Of the two, we’ll reveal Seungri’s shower scene. He will upload it himself.”

Seungri jokingly responds, “Did I agree to this? I’m going to upload this myself?”

“BIGBANG MADE” will premiere on June 30.

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