Update: GFRIEND Shares Track List, Even More Teasers, And Album Covers For Comeback

Update July 5 KST:

GFRIEND has shared even more beautiful teasers for their comeback with “LOL”!

gfriend 2 gfriend 3 gfriend 4 gfriend 5 gfriend 6 gfriend 7

The group has also released a track list for their first studio album, which will feature twelve tracks, including the title track “Navillera.” In addition, they’ve shared the jacket images for both versions of their new album – “Laughing Out Loud” and “Lots Of Love.”

gfriend track list gfriend lots of love gfriend laughing out loud

Update July 4 KST:

The members of GFRIEND go on a trip to an amusement park in their latest teasers!

gfriend 2 gfriend 3 gfriend 4 gfriend 5 gfriend 7 gfriend 8 gfriend 9 gfriend 1

gfriend 6

Update July 2 KST:

Anyone up for a game of tennis? GFRIEND releases more lovely teaser images. This time, the members are dressed in pristine white tennis uniforms, while smiling for the camera.

eunha sinb sowon umji yerin yuju


Update June 30 KST:

GFRIEND releases another set of adorable teaser images! This time, the pictures are individual images of all the members, who look bright and lively in colorful clothing, befitting the warmer summer season.

gfriend yuju

gfriend eunha gfriend sowon gfriend sinb gfriend yerin gfriend umji

Original June 29 KST:

gfriend 3

GFRIEND is getting us all excited for their comeback with a new set of teaser images!

On June 29, the popular six-member rookie group shared several photos that give us a hint at their concept for their upcoming return with their first studio album.

gfriend 2 gfriend 1

The teasers were uploaded on the group’s Twitter with the hashtags “LOL” and “Laughingoutloud,” hinting at either an album or track title for their comeback. Their new album will be released on July 11.

gfriend 5 gfriend 6

GFRIEND debuted in January of 2015 under the label Source Music with their track “Glass Bead.” They became well known after a famous performance incident in which the members repeatedly slipped and fell on a wet stage, but continued to power through and impressed many with their professionalism. They went on to achieve massive success with their January 2016 track “Rough,” which earned them fifteen wins in total on music shows.

gfriend 4

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