Jung Joon Ha Returns As MC Minzi In Summer Track Collaboration With Skull & Haha

Reggae duo Haha and Skull have teamed up for a hot summer track once again. Although their names may be associated with comedic appearances on variety programs, they are serious when it comes to music. Their sincere passion towards reggae soul and a yearning for freedom can be heard in their vocals in their songs.

On July 2 Skull & Haha released their new song, “Don’t Laugh,” which follows their philosophy of “When it’s summer, reggae.” The duo seems to have made another hit following up to their success in 2012.

MC Minzi, who we know as Jung Joon Ha, features in the song, catching the attention of many. Jung Joon Ha recently made the phrase “Don’t laugh!” a trend during his audition on “Show Me the Money 5,” which is where Skull & Haha most likely gained inspiration for their new song.

In addition to Skull and Haha’s husky vocals, Jung Joon Ha adds surprisingly sweet and ear pleasing vocals to the chorus of the song. He sings romantic lyrics such as, “Don’t laugh, it’s love/It’s a drama you can’t pay to watch,” “I will catch a star for you/As long as you’re happy, I will do just that.”

Instead of showing the vocalists, the song’s music video features the dance moves of girl dance unit Woofam Ladies, which is led by Bucky, who is a member of krump team Monster Woofam. The team performs sexy choreography to the beats of the melody.

The trio’s collaboration has produced a pleasant piece of work that really cannot be laughed at. Without being concerned about how they do on music charts, the trio’s persistence on pursuing the type of music they love truly shines through.

Watch the music video below!

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