Watch: Shownu And Jota’s Surprising Past As Lee Hyori’s Backup Dancers Revealed

Every idol has to start somewhere, and sometimes that means being a backup dancer for a huge artist.

On July 1, Mnet uploaded a performance video of Lee Hyori’s 2013 hit, “Bad Girl.”

The catch is that this video focuses on two of the backup dancers, who turn out to be no other MONSTA X’s Shownu and MADTOWN’s Jota!

shownu jota

While Lee Hyori is the main focal point, the two idols show sharp movements that echo their current status as boy group members. In order to match the feel of the song, they are also dressed in more revealing clothing, baring their defined bodies.

They may have been excellent backup dancers, but there is no doubt they are even better as currently promoting idols.

Watch their stellar backup dancing below!