Jessi And Seo In Young Dish On How They Fought Their Way Into Friendship

On the July 2 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” Jessi and Seo In Young are featured as this week’s “strong unni” guests. Both women are known for their outspoken and confident characters, making for an episode full of dissing.

Jessi Seo In Young 1

When the two guests are asked if they have ever fought, Jessie reveals, “We actually got into a fight before. That’s how we became good friends.” Seo In Young adds, “Verbally I would win a fight,” to which Jessi responds, “I’ve also improved in cursing in Korean.”

In response to asking what the friends fought over, Seo In Young reveals, “It was one of those tensions between girls. At the time I didn’t think Jessi had a good attitude.” Jessi also adds, “I didn’t think Seo In Young had a good attitude either,” drawing laughter from the studio.

Jessi Seo In Young 2

The two friends are asked if their fights ever got physical. Jessi answers, “We almost got to that point. We ended it verbally.”

Watch this part of the episode below!

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