Shoo Undertakes First Sex Ed Lesson With Daughters Ra Hee And Ra Yool

On the July 2 episode of SBS’s “Oh! My Baby,” Shoo’s family undergoes their first official sex ed lesson for twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool.

During the episode while the twins are taking a bath, they also give their dolls a bath. Shoo discovers that the twins are playing with boy and girl dolls that have no clothes on.

Shoo points out to her daughters, “Having no clothes on is an embarrassing thing. You shouldn’t carelessly show your body to anyone.” She further asks the twins, “After taking a bath, is it okay to walk around without your clothes on?” The twins respond that it’s okay.

Taken aback, Shoo gives the twins their first sex ed lesson with her husband Im Hyo Sung. By showing them a sex ed book for children, Shoo starts off by teaching the twins the difference between genders by comparing them to their father and brother.

Watch a clip of the episode below!

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