Sandara Park Shares How She Feels About “Sugar Man” Ending

On June 5, JTBC variety program “Sugar Man” aired its last episode. 2NE1 member Sandara Park, who was a regular host of the show alongside Yoo Jae Suk, Yoo Hee Yeol, and Kim Eu Na, expressed how hard it was for her to say goodbye to the end of the show through her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts. She posted a previous goodbye post on her Instagram on the day of the filming of the last episode.

On her Instagram, Sandara Park uploaded a picture of her sitting sadly in a closet where her outfit for the last episode is hanging. Her caption reads, “What are you doing? Did you know today is the last episode of ‘Sugar Man’?! During the last filming.. It felt weird being in the waiting room. Feels like there has been a lot of goodbyes lately.. maybe it’s just me?! heh heh.. But nothing lasts forever.. When there’s an end there’s also a new beginning and we live on working hard! It was fun getting to meet and get to know great people every week; that’s what is hardest about this goodbye. Maybe I’m emotional because it’s also raining outside. I miss it~ I miss it~ I miss it~ I will only be emotional for today.”

On Sandara Park’s Twitter account, she posted on the same day, “Ah… ah… I began to tear up (watching ‘Sugar Man’ on air right now).”

Will you miss the show as much as Sandara Park does?