Watch: Jota And Kim Jin Kyung Both Reveal Their Jealous Sides On “We Got Married”

Virtual couple Kim Jin Kyung and Jota of MADTOWN have both shown how protective they are of each other!

In July 9’s episode of “We Got Married,” Kim Jin Kyung has decided to become MADTOWN’s manager for the day to celebrate their comeback, and she packs a lunch box for them. She also makes a list of all the things she needs to do.

jota kim jin kyung 2

After sending Jota a message to ask how things are going with his comeback, she sits down to watch their latest music video, “Emptiness.” Jota gets close with an actress in the music video, but when Kim Jin Kyung sees him in the video at first, she just happily yells, “Jota’s acting!”

kim jin kyung

But her excitement soon turns to jealously when she sees Jota giving the actress a back hug. As he laughs in another scene, Kim Jin Kyung says threateningly to the screen, “Are you laughing right now?!”

She then sighs and puts her phone down, saying, “I have something else to add to my list. Ask him about the music video.” She then angrily picks up her phone again and says “Why isn’t he answering me?!”

When Kim Jin Kyung later meets up with Jota and the guys of MADTOWN, Heo Joon reminds the pair of the time when they were on a date and Kim Jin Kyung kept seeing “oppas” that she knew. Kim Jin Kyung says to him, “But Heo Joon, you’re my oppa too.”

jota kim jin kyung 3

As everyone laughs, Jota jokingly yells at Heo Joon that he should get out.

kim jin kyung jota 2

He then turns to Kim Jin Kyung and says, “Wow, I guess now you have six new oppas.”

jota 1

Heo Joon points at Jota and jokes that he looks like he’s about to drink his entire bottle of water in anger.

kim jin kyung jota 1

Watch the full clip in the episode below!