Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kook’s Selfie Game

During a promotional event that took place on July 15 in Shanghai for Chinese cellphone company Vivo, actor Song Joong Ki talked selfies and data usage.

“I heard [your selfie] will come out well if you take it at a 45 degree angle,” Song Joong Ki says. “Kim Jong Kook hyung takes a lot more selfies than you would expect and is also good at taking them.”

Song joong ki

Song Joong Ki also addresses Lee Kwang Soo’s selfie game. “Yesterday (July 14) was Kwang Soo’s birthday, so we ate seaweed soup together,” Song Joong Ki says. “Kwang Soo takes selfies well, but doesn’t take that many with me. Our heights don’t match,” the actor quips.

Song joong ki 2

With regards to his data usage, Song Joong Ki reveals, “I watch a lot of videos and movies. I think I use most of [my data] in watching entertaining videos.”

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki wrapped up his Asia tour on July 16 and has begun filming for upcoming film “Battleship Island” (working title).

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