Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His Unique Past With Lee Jong Suk

During his radio guest appearance on SBS LoveFM’s “Two Man Show” on July 19, comedian Kim Gi Wook talks about his meddling personality and how he used to own a store in Apgujeong Rodeo Street, but it failed.

Kim Gi Wook Two man Show

Notably, the comedian reveals, “At the time, hallyu star Lee Jong Suk was one of my part-time workers.”

He explains, “He used to call me ‘Boss.’ We were reunited when I made a cameo in one of his dramas, ‘Doctor Stranger.’ Lee Jong Suk warmly welcomed me [at the time].”

However, Kim Gi Wook confesses, “The first thing I did when we met again was apologize for unfairly making him work too much [when I was his boss]. Even now, I can’t contact him directly because I feel too embarrassed.”

Meanwhile, actor Lee Jong Suk will be starring in “W” alongside Han Hyo Joo, which premieres tonight, July 20 KST.

Can you imagine a younger Lee Jong Suk as a part-time worker?

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