K-Pop Stars Born In ’92 That Ooze Charisma

A tremendous number of K-pop idols charm people with their strong presence, but we noticed something that a lot of these talented individuals have in common! There is no denying that an abundance of these individuals, who are recognized for their charisma, were all born in the year of 1992. It is hard to believe that all of these individuals are 23 or 24, but it is fun to see all of these unique personalities coming from the same year!



While Iron has recently been involved in numerous controversies, there is no denying the charisma that this hip hop rapper displays. Iron gained popularity after he appeared in Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3,” and his most recent single “SYSTEM” proves that he might actually be hard-as-nails!

Seunghoon from WINNER


A charmer with an easygoing personality, Seunghoon can be surprisingly charismatic while he is performing or greeting fans. Do not let his bright smile fool you, this light-hearted character loves to impress with his bold allure.

Kim Sung Goo from HIGH4

Sung Goo

The determined leader of HIGH4, Sung Goo has faced numerous challenges to become an artist. However, he has persevered to become the leader of HIGH4 and fans find his undaunted personality to be one of his many noteworthy attributes!



A successful singer-songwriter and producer, DEAN has never let his young age deter him from his music carreer. He has now become a famous figure in the K-pop industry, and continues to gain popularity with his music and determined personality!

Dongjun from ZE:A


Dongjun is respected as a powerful vocalist in the Korean music industry, but his accomplishments do not stop there. His small stature is misleading, as he is a force to be reckoned with in almost any athletic competition.

FeelDog from BIGSTAR


Leader of BIGSTAR, FeelDog is known for his competitive spirit. He is a charismatic rapper that has done acting and numerous athletic programs as well.

Hyunsik from BTOB


Hyunsik is a muscular individual with a strong impression, and even the older members of BTOB know that they can not beat him. Despite being in the middle of the age scale in BTOB, he proceeds through group activities with respect from the other members. He likes to surprise with an adorable gummy eye-smile, proving he might be a human teddy bear.



L’s personality is so unique that fans like to call him by two different names depending on his persona. We have L, the charismatic idol and actor, who is the undisputed face of INFINITE. Then we have Myungsoo, a fun and slightly dorky individual. Whether we are looking at his sexy idol image or his goofy nature, we can not help but fall for L!

Takuya and Sangmin from Cross Gene

Cross Gene

Despite there being two other members older than him, Takuya is the former leader and face of Cross Gene. He has a confident and sassy personality that is hard to miss; that with his immense height has gained him a position on this list.

Sangmin is a rapper and the main dancer of Cross Gene. His charisma can be spotted when he is dancing or beating all of his fellow members at arm wrestling, and other athletic activities.

 Ken from VIXX


I firmly believe that certain levels of sass can be translated into charisma! VIXX is full of strong personalities and Ken’s disposition does not lose to any of them. Even though he can be sexy on stage, his bold sass is strangely alluring!

 U-Kwon and Zico from Block B

Block B

U-Kwon often appears to be cold and intriguing in his position as a vocalist and dancer. Although his charisma is undeniable, he has one of the most angelic smiles in Block B.

Zico is the sophisticated leader of Block B, and he is also recognized as an influential producer. Despite his young age, Zico has made many changes in the Korean idol industry, as he breaches the line between hip hop rappers and idol rappers.

Sungjun from Boys Republic


Sungjun tends to be one of the most charismatic members in his group, and Boys Republic’s parody magazine of Men’s Health proves he has the build to suit his manly image.

 Junhyuk from HOTSHOT


The leader of HOTSHOT, Junhyuk is generally a ray of sunshine that will do aegyo for fans even if it kills him of embarrassment. His personality does not end here though, as the members actually call him dad and his sexy stage persona is nearly fatal. Not only do fans get blown away, but he usually ends up embarrassing himself with his own sexiness.

Hani from EXID


The face of EXID, Hani is the queen of reverse charm. She is either the embodiment of a confident and provocative performer, or she is a fun and somewhat clumsy ball of fluff. While her laugh can not be beat, we love her poised and alluring stage performances!

 Sunmi and Hyelim from Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls

Both of these beautiful ladies could kill with confidence while they perform. Despite their sweet nature, charisma is obviously evident in both of them when they own the stage!



Crush is a popular R&B and hip hop singer with a killer falsetto that he uses to charm fans in most of his songs. Even though he describes himself as weird, shy, and nice, we see charisma in this talented solo artist! He has proven that he is also good at something unexpected with his recent and unusual award.

Baekhyun, Chen, and Chanyeol from EXO


It may seem like a stretch to label these three members of EXO as charismatic, as the ’92 line of EXO usually appear to be bright and cheerful. However, there is no denying that Chanyeol can show off charisma when he is rapping, and Chen can impress with his dancing. Fans are still trying to figure out what Baekhyun did in EXO’s “Monster” music video, but he does appear to be charismatic!

 Daeil from 24K


Daeil is a talented individual that deserves more attention than he usually receives. He is known as the resident cutie of 24K, but always seems to dominate any bad boy concepts that are thrown his way! He also proves he has exceptional charisma whenever he begins dancing, which is his passion.



HyunA has not only broken down a lot of barriers in K-pop with her sexy performances, but she has also achieved a considerable amount of fame for her young age. Not afraid to get tattoos and perform sultry dances on stage, HyunA continues to show off her confidence and individuality!

Tey from MR.MR


Tey is another artist that deserves more popularity than he has received so far. He is the face of MR.MR, but he sports more than just a handsome face. He spends time writing lyrics and is a powerful vocalist in his group. He has also revealed that he is no stranger to darker bad boy concepts, where he impresses with his bold and enticing dance moves.


A quiet and well-mannered man is appealing in his own way, and MONSTA X’s Shownu is the perfect example. He quietly watches over his group as they pursue their activities with vigilance. His commitment as a leader and as a talented dancer is impressive. Despite his large muscular stature and impressive dancing skills, fans know that Shownu is actually more of a friendly giant than an overly charismatic leader.

 Kwangjin and J.Don from N.Flying


Most of the members of N.Flying are charismatic and Kwangjin and J.Don are no exception. Kwangjin is the bass player for N.Flying, who also raps. J.Don is the leader and main vocal, and he also raps and plays the guitar with a hip hop vibe that is unusual for a band.

 Baro and Sandeul from B1A4

baro sandeul

Baro has begun to evolve into a more charismatic person as time passes, and he is becoming the appealing rapper of B1A4. B1A4 appears to be keeping its fun and softer image, so it is interesting to see how he evolves with the group over the years.

Likewise, Sandeul is gaining more recognition for his vocal skills. The singer is quite popular on MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” and has won multiple times.

Sihyoung and Jaeho from History


History always promotes with manly and charismatic concepts that blow away their fans. Besides the leader of History, Sihyoung has also shown off his charisma as a rapper in this talented group!

While Jaeho gives off an almost sinister impression with deeply hidden aegyo that fans get to glimpse occasionally! His vocal talent is also one to be admired!

Amber from f(x)


Amber is the main rapper of the popular group f(x), where she shows off a confident image of herself. While her agency gave her a tomboyish image; she pulls it off perfectly with short hair, tattoos, and a more masculine wardrobe. Amber is definitely one of the most charismatic female K-pop artists and we love her for being so unique!

 Nari from Wassup


Wassup is a hip hop girl group that amazes with their powerful image and modern feel. Even though Nari is not one of the rappers, but a vocalist; she is still overflowing with the hip hop vibe. Despite her classic beauty, Nari constantly shocks with her charismatic dance performances and confidence on stage.

 C.A.P from Teen Top


Another quiet and watchful leader is C.A.P, the leader of the rambunctious group Teen Top. The members of Teen Top are know to be very playful and active; so it is always amusing to watch C.A.P silently watching over them, ready to interfere if necessary. Despite his stern first impression, his tattoos, and position as a rapper, he can be quite fun-loving with the rest of his members. Let us not forget that his name even stands for charisma, authority, and powerful!

Yura from Girl’s Day


Yura is another person that has a charismatic stage presence while she is normally more reserved. She is known for her impressive figure, so it is no wonder that she makes a memorable impression when her stage persona rises to the surface. When she is off stage she is usually referred to as comedic and entertaining!

Jin from BTS


The oldest member of BTS, Jin has to be spirited to survive such a young and active group! Every member acknowledges him as the visual of the group, but it takes more than a handsome face to be considered charismatic. While ARMYs like to refer to Jin as the “pink princess” most of the time, it is obvious that he has charisma. This charisma is visible in his confidence and vivid stage manner!

Did we miss any of your favorite charismatic ’92 liners?

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