MADTOWN’s Jota Is Smitten With Kim Jin Kyung’s Bare Face

Model Kim Jin Kyung bares her natural looks on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

On the July 23 episode of the show, the “33 couple,” Kim Jin Kyung and MADTOWN’s Jota, go on a one-night and two-day outing together.

When night falls, the couple washes off all their cosmetics and reveals their bare faces before going to bed.

jota kim jin kyung

Worried about showing her bare face, Kim Jin Kyung hesitantly takes off her makeup as Jota, who already took off his, watches her and teases, “Wow, that’s confidence.”

Despite the teasing, Jota shares during an interview, “She couldn’t be more beautiful than when she took off her makeup. She was the prettiest,” showing how smitten he is with his wife.

With his affectionate gaze fixed on Kim Jin Kyung as she washes her face, he tells her, “You look better with no makeup. You look brighter.”

Watch the sweet couple in the episode below!

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